About Kronos:-

Bottle Rockets soaring through the skies, Musicians and Dancers doing their gig, Robot Wars, Night Shows and much more... That's what it feels like to be surrounded with rush & excitement for those few awesome days. KRONOS, the annual techno-cultural festival organized in the largest group of institutions, ITM GOI and ITM University, is the biggest youth festival of central India. Initially, just started by few students in 2010, KRONOS is today in its 10th edition, having a 'footfall of over 18,000+ students'. Scheduled around for 3 days, the main motive of KRONOS is to bring out the competitive domain of students from within themselves and participate among different technical and cultural events. The charm of KRONOS is such that not only the students from within the campus or state but also from other colleges across India come to participate. The events are designed to appeal to each and every group of students. There are many technical events like Robo Soccer, Print-A-Kart, Apathon etc and events on cultural out-front such as Pro-Nights and many others. The fest is initiated with various Lectures and Workshops on current field trends by eminent Industry Professionals. This tends to provide students with an informative edge along with all other fun. The event marks its ending with a night show, which usually is a concert by a famous singer or music band. The aura and glory of KRONOS reaches to a new height every year embarking upon the minds of people, tale of a successful endeavor. To witness an out of this world experience, come and join us at ITM University where you are guaranteed to return every year for this amazing youth festival.

Role and Responsibilities:

1. The campus ambassadors would bear the flag of Kronos 2K19 (Central India's Biggest Fest) in their respective colleges with the aim of helping us to promote Kronos'19 technical fest among the students of their colleges

2. In their entire tenure, would be actively interacting with Kronos 2K19 members about the available opportunities and requisites for promotions which include workshops, competitions, lectures, etc

3. Sharing our Facebook and whats-app posts across your college groups/pages.

Rewards and Incentives:

1. Receive a certificate upon completion of this Internship.

2. Goodies for top ambassadors - top 3 CAs get Discount coupons ₹1000 INR each, top 5 will get free accommodations)

3. Top 10 CAs will get recommendations Letter.

4. Others will be given Free access on 1 workshop+1 Technical Event + 2 Non-tech events for 12+ Technical Registrations.

5. Campus ambassadors will get free passes for few events and lectures.

Learning opportunities:

1. First of all you get an edge of experience in being a part of a flamboyant event

2. For any college student aspiring to polish his/her leadership qualities this opportunity is something that can't be missed

3. Enrolling in CAP makes you a member of our proud team through which you will learn our publicity strategies

4. All the CAP members will receive a certificate of appreciation issued to them by Kronos,ITM

5. Besides this we will be distributing additional prizes to the top candidates on the leader-board which include goodies and merchandise of the sponsors on Kronos 2K19

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